Different Types of House Construction Methods

There are a lot of methods or ways of building houses, it depends on how the home builder and home owner to decide on which method to take.
• Stick built method
This is known as the traditional style of home construction. The start of the building process starts with the living area. When the foundation has been poured, the construction will start from the ground up. For very huge houses, it will take months and oftentimes years to finish the house construction. This is also considered as the most practical method since it conforms with state and local code buildings and will last for many years.
• Pre-Fabricated Method
As the name implies, the construction materials that are used are formed first in a factory and then transported to the site for building. This type of home construction was used back in World War II era. This method was initiated upon the return of the soldiers, with the need to have a place for their families to live. This method began to be used and houses were then built as fast as possible.
• Kit House Method
This type of home building is described as a site-built house that looks like a huge puzzle box. Every little piece used such as the nails used for the deck are all counted, labeled with numbers and then boxed to be transported at the construction site.
• Manufactured Method
Also known as mobile home, this is a home construction method that uses streamlining to decrease certain costs. This is like the pre-fabricated method since the materials are all created from a factory. However with this method, the full sections of the house are formerly assembled in a temperature-controlled factory and then transported to the construction site. Since huge sections are transported, cranes are used. The mechanical systems are installed upon manufacturing, and will only need to be connected on the construction site. This speeds up the home construction process which will effectively decrease the costs of labor. This method of house building will also conform to state and local building codes.


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